15 – Short

Status: Completed January 2018 – now on Film Festival Circuit. Already selected at the Solaris Film Festival (NICE) and the Med Film Festival (Sicily)

Logline:  FA Cup final Sunday down the pub with the lads and some beers; the average mans idea of a perfect day. Most men expect to come home alive…but this is not most days. For many it could be their last.

Overview:  Comments from Director Dean Drinkel.

Well – it’s amazing the way life turns out.

Back in November / December when I attended the Monaco Film Fest, I ran into a friend who I’d met a couple of years previously. He too is an award winning writer and producer. After the festival Neil (as is his name) came down to Cannes and one balmy evening we chewed the cud about the future and agreed to work on something in the future.

That night (before / during / after some drinks) we talked about a particular short project that was gestating in my mind which I was calling “15” – I pitched, we discussed and we went our separate ways and allowed the idea(s) to percolate.

Well – here we are a couple of months later and I’m happy to announce that “15” has been greenlit and we will be shooting the film in the UK in June! Amazing how this has come about (and so quickly) but we are both really excited and want to strike whilst the iron is hot. Neil has written the script (with some input from me, natch!) and will be producing through his company MIDAS LIGHT FILMS LIMITED – I will be directing.

Script is now in good shape and we are casting and pre-production. Single location, 2 camera shoot. Some very clever choreography required here with 15 people interacting and making an impact in 15 minutes, whilst still keeping drama and suspense. It is going to be funny and tense and has every chance of being epic!

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