Out of the Blue – Short

Status:   In the can. The film is finished and edited and now being entered on the International Film Festival Circuit.

Logline: Screen writer tries to write a short film and ends up being the leading character in a complicated murder plot.

Overview: Ever had one of those days that go from bad to curse? John Gregg’s day was cursed the moment he thought he would write a short screenplay. Not in his wildest dreams could he have written such a twisted story of sibling hatred. With all his own problems, he shouldn’t have answered the door and let in a quirky woman that was shadowed by the Grim Reaper, or in this case a Grim Hacker.

The imagination of what a woman keeps in her handbag wouldn’t trouble most men; unless of course it is the handbag of an assassin. But what does an assassin look like? Not this lady.

Then there’s the problem of greed. Ever waited for an inheritance a little too long, to finding out you’re not going to get it all? What do you do when you suddenly have access to unlimited funds?
‘Out of the Blue’ is a dark tale of innocence, murder, theft and sibling rivalry; all in the name of greed. Unfortunately, the innocence are left to take the blame. There is no doubt about it, cybercrime is the future, what is in doubt is the extent it will affect individual lives….like John Gregg’s. The hacking damage to our society will only be limited by the hacker’s imagination.

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